Turn 2020 into your year!

Now I don't think that anyone will disagree with me when I say 2020 can get in the bin, it's not been a good year, for anyone!

Many people have lost their jobs and without any income coming through the door, have turned to selling online on places like eBay, Amazon & Etsy to keep themselves afloat. Or maybe decided now is the time to finally pursue their dream of opening their own business. That's great, but the problem with this is that the images that are being used to advertise the products that are being sold aren't converting potential customers into paying customers. It doesn't matter how great your product is, people buy with their eyes, not their heart. If you're using generic stock images that 1000 other businesses are using to advertise their products, the truth is, you're just going to get lost among a sea of other sellers.

If you're using a quick snapshot taken on your iPhone, that shows no detail of the product, no lighting to highlight your product, and make it stand out you're not going to convert anyone because it doesn't look professional, and YOUR customers, will go elsewhere. Notice how I made a point of putting YOUR in caps? That's because that's exactly what should be happening, this is what YOU want to happen! Those customers should be YOUR customers, bringing money into YOUR business, putting food on YOUR table, not helping some giant companies CEO buy their third yacht in the Maldives.

I want you to take a look at the two images below, one was a quick snap, shot on my iPhone with no detailing of the product. no setup and no delivery and the other was shot in my photography studio, using my professional equipment and lighting techniques that take years to master. I then want you to put yourself in the consumer's shoes, and think to yourself, which one you'd buy.

Jean Pau; Gaultier Aftershave - iPhone Snapshot - Photography Blog
iPhone Snapshot

Can you see the difference that professional images of your products can make, now tell me if you were looking to purchase this product, and you saw two different sellers, both selling this product at the same price, which one would you, as a consumer buy? Baring in mind that these two images are the exact same product, just shot completely differently.

Of course, you'd go for the second one, because it's clean, it shows you all of the details of this product, it's styled how you would want to see it, it looks professional & it grabs your attention 100% more than the iPhone snapshot.

This is what so many people don't realize when they decide they're going to start selling online, whether it be eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Ecommerce, or anywhere. Now by no means am I saying that this is their fault if they don't come from a photography background, they're not going to understand the importance of framing, lighting & setup. A lot of people think that just because eBay is the biggest online marketplace in the world, that their product photos don't matter, they can just take a quick snap and it will sell regardless. It's not the case, as mentioned above, you'll get lost amongst a sea of other sellers. A lot of people think that when they're just starting their online business "I can't afford professional photography" again, it's not the case, it doesn't have to cost you the earth, have a look at our pricing plans, you can get professional photography from as little as £12.95

Now if you still think you can manage in business without professional photography, go right ahead, but don't come whinging when you're not making the sales that you deserve.

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