Why do our clients choose to work with JG Media Production? 

Industry Expertise 

All photographers at JG Media Production are experts in our field. We have spent years honing our craft! All of our photographers go through vigorous testing and screening before being sent out to client shoots to ensure that you're receiving the best possible work.


We're able to adapt our lighting, lenses, and techniques to suit each client.  This means that you receive the best results possible, at all times. 


With our mobile studio equipment, we're able to come to you, whether this be your business premises if you're a brick & mortar shop or at you're home address if you're a casual online seller without a psychical store. We can even take your images on our own premises, all you have to do is get your item(s) to us. We also cover a wide range of niche's, so we're sure to be able to get the cover that you're looking for. 

Fast Turnaround 

On average our turnaround is within 48 hours of taking your images. This means that within 48 hours of us taking your images, we'll have them through post-production and the final images back to you, meaning that you can get them posted on your sales channels faster, leaving you more time for what's important, advertising your products & making sales. 

Commercial License As Standard 

As standard with JG Media Production, we'll provide you with a lifetime commercial advertising license at no extra charge with all final images. This means not only are you free to use the images anywhere that you advertise online such as your website & socials, but you can even use them in print form if that's what you wanted to do, EG: Flyers. Most other companies don't provide this as standard and will charge you extra for it. 

Quote code: FIRST TIME when contacting us to receive your first session for free.

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